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  • Are you looking for a friendly dinosaur to decorate your child’s room?

    How about our Drakey Ceiling Light? The designers of our Drakey light have made use of bright primary colours to turn this Ceiling Light into a fun addition to any nursery or bedroom. The bulb/head feature of Drakey Ceiling Light is also safe to touch and will not burn your child’s hand.

    Drakey is a funky and colourful light fitting – ideal for a child’s nursery.

    You can also compliment the Drakey Ceiling Light with our choice of Green or Orange Snakey desk lamp.

    This is one of our more popular lights for kids in South africa.


  • The Meria Purple Ceiling Light is a flush mount ceiling light that would compliment any girl’s bedroom décor, accessories, furniture and linen.

    Hanging from the light are mobile like butterflies in various happy and bright colors.

    Our Meria Purple Ceiling Light utilises an E27 bulb, not included in our packaging, thereby allowing you to choose the bulb type most suitable to your childs needs. This light fitting is very popular with little girls and is well priced.

    A best seller!

    R899.00 R599.00
  • Our Phillips range of ceiling lights will help make your child’s bedroom the centre of their world.

    Your child’s room is where they will mostly sleep and dream, read, write and play and where they will feel most safe and secure.

    Our Monkey Ceiling Light will help stimulate your children’s imagination and bring character to your loved one’s bedroom whilst ensuring that their imagination is stimulated.

    The Monkey Ceiling Light is a popular light fixture for a children’s room.

    Get your child inspired asap.

  • Change to mood and decor in your daughter’s bedroom.

    Our Pinko Ceiling Light or pendant light is an elegant hanging light for a young girl or teenager’s special place in the house.

    This fantastic lamp from Philips features pink “crystal-like” beads and can be complimented in a room with our Princess Ceiling Light and Princess Wall Light.

    Pinko Ceiling Light is a great value and high quality lamp.

    Simple and elegant lighting at its best.

  • Are you looking to compliment an animal themed room with a decorative Zoo themed light?

    Our Zoo themed Ceiling Light featuring 3 hanging characters and globes, namely a Monkey/Zebra and Giraf characters, may be the ideal feature light you have been looking for.

    Zoo Ceiling Light is a popular light with our clientele and can be used together with the Monkey or Giraf and/or Monkey Desk Lights to decorate different parts of a room.

    The Zoo pendant styled light from us is a different and niche product for kids in South Africa.


  • Create a playful atmosphere in your kids room with our 3 light Zoo Family Ceiling Light.

    This low energy feature lamp is funky and will not only keep most kids entertained but also create enough light for most rooms.

    Mounted on a circular ceiling plate, this Ceiling Light has three arms holding the Zoo animals in place.

    The animals noses are the low energy decor globes making this a bright, unique addition to any childs nursery or bedroom.

    Zoo Family Ceiling Light can be mixed and matched with our range of Monkey / Zebra / Giraf Desk Lights.

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