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Child Safety

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  • Rest easy while your baby does, with the Closer to Nature DECT Sound and Movement Baby Monitor.

  • Enjoy peace of mind while your baby sleeps, with the Closer to Nature DECT Sound Baby Monitor.

  • There is a new medical emergency kit that offers much more than any traditional first-aid box. Developed by three passionate South African parents, the Kidz Medi Kit is specifically tailored for parents of young children, and contains advice on most common medical conditions that parents are likely to encounter, as well all the basics they will need during an emergency.

    The content of our kit covers the following:

    Blocked nose, Nappy rash, Emergencies for e.g. superficial and larger burn wounds, cleaning and sterilising wounds as well as wound dressing, Constipation, Rehydration for diarrhoea and vomiting, Basic tools for e.g. Thermometer, scissors, spoon etc. Pain and Fever.

    By law we are only allowed to sell non-scheduled medicine. A detailed list of additional scheduled medicine is included in our Step by Step guide.

  • The world’s first breastfeeding monitor that measures how much your baby consumes, answering the question: “Is my baby receiving enough breast milk?”


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