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Ceiling lights

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  • Amore Ceiling light is an ideal light for a girls room.

    This pendant type light is larger than it initially looks in the image on our website.

    Amore Ceiling Light is a simple design (heart shaped lamp) that will not clash with a themed room and will allow a room to evolve and change without requiring a change of light fitting as your little girl grows into a young lady.

    You have the choice of choosing your own globe for the light (bulb not included in our packaging).

  • Following on “The Princess and the Frog” movie, Philips has produced Anora Ceiling Light for kids.

    This decorative and practical light is ideal for young kids playrooms and bedrooms and can be complimented with a choice of our Fairy and Princess themed lamps.

  • We would like to introduce the most popular ceiling light for kids in South Africa – Avigo Ceiling Light.

    Planes are always popular with kids – especially boys. This Ceiling Light sports mobile-like, attractively coloured planes, painted in non-toxic bright red, yellow and blue paint and made from wood.

    Our Avigo Ceiling Light is also popular with customers looking for wooden children’s lights. The light bulb covering is made from glass but the remainder of the decorative parts of the light fitting are made from wood and rope.

    Overall – this light is a medium sized ceiling light made from quality parts and featuring bright colored planes.

    Avigo can be matched with our whole range of fun Desk Lights and/or Wall mounted Lights from the our range on this website.


  • Looking for both a decorative and practical ceiling light for your child’s room?

    Our Birdey 4 spot Ceiling Light with adjustable swiveling arms, and manufactured by Philips, may be the perfect light you are looking for.

    You can mix and match Birdey Ceiling Light with the wall mounted Snakey or Birdey Spot light.

    Alternatively, you can match up the Birdie Ceiling Light with the Snakey Desk light or Giraf Desk Light.

  • Inspired by the shape of the Boletus Mushroom, our Boletu Blue/White Pendant Light was introduced into our range of kids lights in 2013.

    This light fixture is a practical pendant light for a smaller baby’s bedroom and/or boys playroom and can be matched with the same coloured Boletu Desk Light in our range.

  • Our Boletu “Red” Ceiling light is an ideal, simple light for a little girl’s room.

    Customers like this “mushroom” shaped bright coloured light fitting – simple yet practical.

    This colourful and fun pendant light fitting offers good value for money.

  • This light features different coloured wings.

    The Butterfly Ceiling Light features 3 sets of wings (all in one pack in your purchase) that are interchangeable allowing your child to express her individual creativity and individual taste at different times.

    You or your child can choose from the brightly coloured, blue, pink or retro wings that are supplied with this light fitting and will allow your child’s imagination to “fly”. When your child gets tired of one colour, you can interchange the light fitting cover (wings) to another one of the other 2 colours. 

    Why not purchase a second butterfly and create an interesting wonderland of whisper soft, colourful wings in her bedroom or play room?

    Our Butterfly Ceiling Light is both decorative and a practical light and will suit any child’s bedroom.

    This light can be complimented with any of our fun and colourful desk lamps in our range.

  • Most toddlers and boys love playing Soccer.

    Create the perfect Soccer themed room for your child and use our Calco “Soccer themed” Ceiling Light to finish off and light up your child’s playroom or bedroom. Calco Ceiling Light can also be used as a functional wall mounted light.

    Why not try using two or three of the Calco lights to decorate your child’s room?

    We have received any compliments about our Calco light fitting.

  • Have you spotted the “mice” in this light fitting? They peeping through the holes in the cheese and popping out and crawling on the cord.

    Our Cheezzz Ceiling Light is a funky, bright, yellow pendant light fitting with little mice making interesting appearances in and out of the swiss cheese.

    Our Cheezzz Ceiling Light utilises a round E27 globe. The globe for this luminaire is not included in the packaging thereby allowing you the choice of a light bulb to suit your needs and preferences – make sure to use an energy saving globe that produces enough light for your child’s room.

    This exciting Ceiling Light can grow with your baby into young childhood and can be mixed and matched with any of our Desk Lights or Wall Light fittings.


  • Coccinet (Ceiling) is a 2-in-1 ceiling light and night light offering you great value for money.

    If you are looking for a fun night light as well for your child’s room, then Coccinet Ceiling Light may be the answer.

    A LED night light is featured in the flower centre that is operated by a separate light switch on the light fitting while a brighter energy saving bulb offers enough illumination to light a child’s room sufficiently.

    Complete the look in your baby’s nursery with the wall mounted Ladybird. Your child’s fear of the dark will be a thing of the past with this light fitting.

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